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Languages has recently been made compulsory in KS2. The language we have chosen to study in St Joseph's is French. Although languages is only compulsory in KS2, we aim to ensure that KS1 children have had a little experience of learning French before they move up to KS2. We do this through French clubs, celebrating languages day, and celebrating Bastille Day as a whole school.


Miss Smith teaches languages in Class 2 and Class 3. We follow the national curriculum, ensuring that we cover all aspects. Throughout year 3/4 children are introduced to 6 topics on a 2 year cycle. In year 5/6 children are introduced to a further 6 topics over a 2 year cycle. In year 5/6 children are expected to read, speak, write and listen at a higher level.


At St Joseph's we aim to make language learning fun and engaging. We learn actively through lots of singing, games and rhymes. Children also have the opportunity to deepen their learning in extra curricular clubs etc.

European Languages Day


Even though we have chosen to teach French at St Joseph's, we also celebrate European Languages day on 26th September each year. The class teachers choose a different European Language and introduce the children to the culture and language throughout the day.


Here are some examples of what we have done;


-Class 1 learned to count to 10 in French and sampled lots of different French food and cuisine.

-Class 2 learned head, shoulders, knees and toes in Italian and made their own scrumptious pizzas.

-Class 3 learned some German and sampled German food and cuisine.

Bastille Day


Each year, around the 14th July, we celebrate Bastille Day. On Bastille Day the whole school learn about French culture, learn some French and sample some French food. Last year, during their French sessions Class 2 prepared some games and activities linked to their learning which they then taught to Class 3. All of the children had lots of fun.