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Bottle Rocket

Miss Priddle

In Miss Priddle’s class the experiment was to create a rocket and launch it using a chemical reaction between baking powder and vinegar and see if it would fly. We discussed if we thought this could be done and made predictions. We had mixed predictions throughout the school. Some children were able to tell me that they thought the rocket wouldn’t fly and some thought that the rocket would fly really high in the sky!

We conducted the experiment together as a class and discussed the method afterwards. With Class 4 we talked about what we could change if we wanted to carry out the experiment again. We thought that if we changed the volume of baking powder mixed with the vinegar it would fly higher. We were amazed that it worked. With Class 1 we even had time to design our own rockets on paper and label the experiment.

Vocabulary we have used and learnt the meaning of are chemical reaction, effervescence, gas, prediction, conclusion and method.

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