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Breakfast Club

Wrap around Care/Breakfast Club


The school offers wrap around care and breakfast club  in the Community hall for pupils from Reception to Year 6.


Wrap around care starts at 8am and is £1.50 per day/ £7.50 per week. This then runs into our breakfast club.


Breakfast club opens at 8.20am and is sponsored by David Woods Food and Greggs Foundation and this is free to all children. 


All the children from both clubs eat together at 8.20am and the older child take responsibility for taking orders and helping the younger children. They menu consists of;

 * Cornflakes,

* Rice Krispies,

* Weetabix,

* Porridge,

* Toast,

* Scrambled egg 

* Beans on toast 

* Fruit.


We also offer a range of activities such as games, ICT activities, puzzles, and colouring activities. Breakfast Club is run by a qualified member of staff, Mrs Burns.


We ask that all children are in Breakfast Club by 8.20 am to enable them to have time to have breakfast before their school day starts.