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Class 2

Welcome to our class of 2018/19

Yum Yum!

We have been making an African dish which were Nigerian Oatcakes. Everyone helped make them by measuring and adding the ingredients and then frying them. We all had a taste, some loved them, some decided they wouldn't have them again but I was pleased they all tried a little bit.

We have been fortunate to have some special visitors in our class this week. A group of young English/ Tanzanian students came to visit us where we shared with them an African song we had learnt to perform using our singing voices and using instruments. We asked them questions about their life in Tanzania and learnt lots of facts, including, it takes the students 2 hours to walk to school and 2 hours to walk back every day. They performed singing and dancing and we all had a fabulous time joining in.


Still image for this video


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Here are Class 2 planting their sunflower seeds. keep an eye on their growth over the next few weeks. I wonder whos will grow the tallest?

Summer term curriculum map.

Another fun trip to West Winds! This time our class were much more confident interacting with the residents and it was lovely to see them socialising. Everyone used wonderful manners. We coloured and designed Easter eggs which they gave to their new friends, we had biscuits, sang Easter songs and chatted with the residents. We even asked them questions so we could complete a pictogram. West Winds have asked if they could visit our school do take part in some active PE games which the children are looking forward to.

We had two local superheroes visit our class this week. We we were fortunate that Gary and Beau Mckee came to tell us all about their charity work and how much money they have raised between them. We learnt a lot and they are a massive inspiration to us. Our class have not stopped talking about them since.

Troy the police dog came from Sellafield to visit us. He used his smelling sense to sniff out a hidden parcel. He was very friendly and we learnt all about his special job as a police dog.

Science experimenting. We investigated which material would be best for a superhero to use for their cape. We were looking for the material which floated to the ground the slowest.

Curriculum map for Spring learning.

Letter for Spring learning

We have been to the Life Centre in Newcastle!

We learnt lots in such a short 'space' of time including sorting living/non living things, planet facts and what robots are used for.

We packed suitable things that we would need  to visit the moon and watched an exciting science experiment show.

Have a look at our pictures from the day.

Painting our planets.

Making 2-digit numbers with tens and units.

Papier Mache fun!

Researching 'Space' using Kidrex search engine.

Class Two have been working on their mark making skills in art.