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Welcome to our class page. Class 3 is made up of year 5 and year 6. On our page you will find lots of useful websites and links to support learning, as well as updates on our current topics!



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Robotics Day - STEM workshop

 How the World Wars changed Britain

Summer Term



This term we have been looking at the effects the world wars had on our country. So far, we have found out about how the war began, the trenches and lives of those on the front line, as well as the life of Winston Churchill and how his role changes from WW1 to WW2. We have also found out about animals in the war and discussed if their deaths were fair.  



We've thought about the lives of the people in trenches and used our ideas to write using description.



For our hook day, we dressed up as children from WW1 and WW2.



We enjoyed it a lot!



We used rationed recipes to make vegetable soup and lovely loaf of bread.



We also created our own gas masks!



Because people couldnt afford to always buy new clothes, they used to fix holes or rips themselves. We used cotton to design patterns and sewed them.




The yeast made our bread rise!



Although we used a rationed recipe, it was still very tasty!



Some of us even wanted two lots of bread!