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Class three

Our Class


Class 3 is made up of Year 5 and Year 6 and our teacher is Mrs. Heron.  We are a happy and enthusiastic class and enjoy learning new things. 


Our Learning 


Our Topic this term is Biomes around the world where we will identify and compare the features of different Biomes and be able to identify them on a map. 


In History we are learning about The Maya, we are looking forward to Mayan Day on Wednesday 15th September where we will be making masks, cooking and designing clay Mayan houses. 


Maths this term we are focusing on Place Value up to and beyond one million. We will then use this knowledge to work with the four operations and solve problems using addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. 


During English, we will be focusing on the book Survivors by David Long. We will be looking closely at instructions and adventure stories.  The children will produce their own set of instructions and a survivor adventure story!


Our Science topic this term is Light. We will use a range of investigations to answer our questions about light. We will investigate how light travels, reflection and refraction and how a prism changes a ray of light. 


In RE we are learning about the experience of what family means. We will explore what family means to us. What family means to others and what joys and sorrows do we feel during family life.   


We have enjoyed our intense swimming lessons in PE at the start of the term. We are now focusing on our Netball skills.