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Class two

Our class is made up of year three and year four and our teacher are Miss Stafford and Miss Priddle. 

We are a very happy and vibrant class and very willing to learn. 

We are learning about the different Biomes around the world in Geography and the animals and vegetation that live in them.


In History we are learning about the Mayans, we are looking forward to Mayan day on Wednesday 15th September where we will be making masks, cooking and designing clay Mayan houses.


Maths this term is about  the Place Value of numbers and comparing them: if they are higher or lower. We use games like top trumps to practice comparing numbers.


In Science we are learning about Light, how it creates shadows, filters and creates life. 


In RE we are learning about the experience of  what a ‘family’ in society today is and that family still remains the first place for growth and development, the basic social unit.

We will explore:

Q             What does the word ‘family’ mean to you?

Q             What people do you associate with ‘family’?

Q             What joys and sorrows do you remember of family life?


In English we will be learning about how to write instructions, using time connectives and the different language and layouts of instructions.


Our PE lessons are focusing on Netball skills, learning to catch, throw and feet positioning as well as team work. 


We are excited to be doing Samba drumming this term, it teaches us rhythms, hand eye coordination and it is FUN!