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In a world where computing, the internet and use of ICT is becoming ever important we set high standards to ensure our children are fully equipped with the skills they will need to achieve their full potential. The computing curriculum is split into three main strands:

  • Information technology: using computers for functional purposes such as collecting and presenting information or using search technology.
  • Digital literacy: the safe and responsible use of technology, including recognising its advantages for collaboration or communication.
  • Computer science: how computers and networks work, basic computer programming from simple floor robots and creating computer games.


We also ensure that our children have a secure understanding of keeping safe online through the e-safety curriculum; planning for a wide range of activities so our pupils feel confident when using computers; and the Internet and know what to do if something happens.


We have access to a bank of laptops and an IPad each throughout school which enables whole class teaching to take place.  Pupils also have access Bee Bots,  Programmable robots (such as cosmo and EV3) and and green screen technology.


Our upper KS2 children take part in  the First Lego League each year to enhance their understanding and they use their learning to hold a lego club for the younger children.