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Design and Technology

Design and technology at St Joseph’s


We aim to prepare children for participation in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies. Design and technology at St Joseph’s will provide children with the tools to deal with problems they meet in everyday life. We meet the requirements of the National Curriculum in Design and Technology by providing a balanced programme (Projects on a Page) where children have experiences involving structures, mechanisms, food technology and materials/textiles. Design and technology requires pupils to apply knowledge and skills to solve practical problems. It involves in identifying needs, generating design ideas, planning, making and appraising. It spans the curriculum and supports work in other subjects. Through well planned tasks, which allow for creativity, pupils learn how to take risks and become resourceful, innovative, enterprising bad capable citizens.


Monitoring: Every term we assess how well the children have performed in their D&T skills (emerging, expected and greater depth) this shows us how well the children are performing. The D&T leader then collates this information and uses that, as well as information from monitoring teacher’s plans, lessons and children’s work to ensure our provision and pupil outcomes are the very best they can be. Any next steps to move the subject and the children’s learning forward are fed into the D&T leader’s action plan, which is a part of the whole school development plan.