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Big Read Chant

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Group work- diary entry

Big Read lessons

Class 2 were EXTREMELY lucky last week as Mrs Threkeld-Brown came in to teach us Big Read! We had a brilliant time and she awarded some of us with a Big Read Spy of the week certificate! We are all very excited to do our next Big Read lesson and start our new Mini Missions.

Our writing target for the Spring term is to edit and improve our writing. We use 'check it out glasses' when we have finished our work to read over our writing and make some improvements.

We like to work together in English. We share our ideas and magpie super words and phrases off our friends to use in our writing.

We have been looking at poetry and have been acting out some poems. We have even written a class Remembrance Day poem.

Remembrance Day


Today is Remembrance Day,

Poppies grow where the fallen soldiers lay.

Please bow your head and pray,

And turn this dark day into a peaceful day.


We thank those who sacrificed their lives,

Left their children and their wives.

Went to war and fought so brave,

And now many lie in their grave.


Thanks to them we all are kind,

Peace is lovely, I'm sure you'll find.

Two minutes silence as a mark of respect,

To show that we will never forget.


Written by Class 2.

We have a spelling and grammar lesson every morning. This week the children have been looking at words with 'i' sounds that are spelt with a 'y'. They have been having fun playing games and using the working walls to support their learning.

In English we have been looking at myths. The children have been looking at St George and the Dragon. They have been describing the characters, acting out the myth and ordering the events.

St George and the Dragon.

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St George and the Dragon.

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St George and the Dragon.

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In the first two weeks of the Autumn term we have been looking at Recounts. The children have worked together to produce group recounts and acted out an event. They have also written a recount about our recent trip to Vindolanda and about events that occurred in our class book, The Journal of Iliona.