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Geography at St Joseph’s

At St Joseph’s we believe that Geography is critical to young people’s understanding of the world around them. We want young people to marvel at the beauty of natural landscapes, to understand why our environments are changing, and to appreciate how their actions affect others far across the globe. We want them to understand their own local areas and when they travel, to understand the places they visit, rather than just passing through. We want to give young people these skills and show how geography can inspire and challenge.

Monitoring: Every term we assess how well the children have performed in their geographical skills (emerging, expected & greater depth) this show us how well the children are performing. The Geography Leader then collates this information and uses that, as well as information from monitoring teachers’ plans, lessons and children’s work to ensure our provision and pupil outcomes are the very best they can be. Any next steps to move the subject and the children’s learning forward are fed into the Geography Leader’s action plan, which is part of the whole school development plan.

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