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Ancient Maya


The role of citizens in society


In history we've been looking at the different roles that people in society had and what that meant for their lifestyle. Did you know that often slaves would have to be sacrificed? We were amazed at what we found out!

Society and pecking order


Did you know that in ancient Maya, the priest was the most valued and respected member of society?

We discussed the different roles of citizens and who we thought was the most important. We voted as a class and ordered the different roles from most to least important.

We thought that the ruler would be the most important and the slave would be the least?


Do you think we were right?

You'll have to ask us to find out!

What jobs did they have in Mayan times?


In Mayan times, there were many different roles and jobs such as slave, crafts person and warrior! We've been looking at the 'job roles' and CVs and trying to identify which job description went with which job.


We were very surprised to find out that slaves might be human sacrifices whereas farmers were the hardest working of all!