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In class three, children are expected to read every evening, either independently or with an adult. Children are sent home with their Reading Record and a reading book of their choice. Although it is important to read their reading book, your child can also read many other text types at home to support their reading such as magazines, recipes, or annuals.

Children exchange adult signatures in their Reading Records for stamps and then trade in their stamps for rewards such as getting to choose a home time game, or getting to use a pen for the day.

Please listen to your child read as often as possible, and then sign their reading book.


Spelling is an essential aspect of writing, and by the time your child reaches class three, with have had many years of phonic and spelling teaching. Spelling in year five and six is all about learning root words, homophones, different spelling patterns and rules to help them spell unfamiliar words.

Each week your child will bring home a list of spellings that they have copied into their home learning spelling book. Some of the spellings involve applying spelling rules but others are taken from the year 5 and 6 word list (as part of the new National Curriculum).

Children will earn stamps for full spelling marks so please practise your child's spellings with them and help them learn the spelling rules.


Spelling Support

The websites and attachments below offer support for your child. They consist of lists of spellings as well as spelling games.