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3D Shape! 
This week we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have been playing lots of games to help us learn the shape names and some of their properties. 
Goldilocks and The Three Bears Maths
This week we have been helping Goldilocks find her way to the Bears house by finding the missing number in a number sequence. Have a look at our Maths wall to see our work!
Three Little Pigs maths 

We have been making sums this week using the resources that the dragon left us (straw, bricks and sticks). We have been learning the adding and equals sign and when to use them. 

We have also been learning about size ordering this week and practising our numbers to 20.


We have been practicing our numbers to 20 and exploring some addition. 
In maths we have been practicing our rote counting, number recognition, number formation and ordering numbers through fun activities and continuous provision.