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At St Joseph’s we see music as an important part of school life. We believe that all children should have opportunities to explore, communicate and express ideas through: listening to live and recorded music, composing, performing (using singing, vocal and body sounds and instruments), notating, recording (on paper/audio/video/using IT resources), experimenting, investigating, evaluating and responding to music (through art, dance, language and other forms). We use Charanga Cumbria music platform to help plan and deliver the music National Curriculum Outcomes and skills for each year group.



Monitoring: Every term we assess how well the children have performed in their music skills (emerging, expected & greater depth) this show us how well the children are performing. The Music Leader then collates this information and uses that, as well as information from monitoring teachers’ plans, lessons and children’s work to ensure our provision and pupil outcomes are the very best they can be. Any next steps to move the subject and the children’s learning forward are fed into the Music Leader’s action plan, which is part of the whole school development plan.