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Holidays in term time

Dear Parents/Carers,


We are forwarding you a letter (see overleaf) from Cumbria County Council regarding information about absence during term time.


This information is very important. Our school’s attendance is seriously affected by families taking holidays during term time and we have seen a rise in the number of holiday requests this academic year. We want to take steps to reduce absence in order to support our children’s progress and attainment.


If your child is persistently absent (overall attendance under 90%) and where some or all of the absence is attributed to an unauthorised holiday in term time, then we will consider a referral to the Local Authority. This may result in a fine, which is £60 per pupil, per parent (£120 if unpaid within 21 days).


For example:  If 3 children, living with both their parents, are taken on holiday during term time, the fine would be £360.


We hope you can support us in helping your child to succeed, and in our drive to improve our school’s attendance.


Faye Eldon