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Dear Parent/Carers,


As you may be aware there is currently a video on Youtube called ‘Momo’ that is causing some concern among parents and the media. This video appears to be where a sinister character is encouraging children to send the video in social media groups, and in some cases is actively encouraging children to hurt themselves or others.


We have not discussed this with the children, as we do not want to unnecessarily scare or cause panic, or even make it known to children who are unaware that it exists. However; we wanted to make ensure that you, as guardians, are aware of any social media sites that your children may have access to.


We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of talking to your child about using the internet safely. Please make sure that your children are supervised when using the internet; that you are aware of what sites they are accessing and who they are sharing information and talking to.


I have added some parental guides for different games and social media sites on our website, under parents and then staying safe online. These guides will give you some practical advice on tips on how to keep your children safe when they use the internet.


Thank you for your support with this matter.


Yours Sincerely


Mrs Eldon