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PSHE in school

Class 1 have been looking at feelings and how they would react to different feelings. They talked about how to keep calm and reflect on their behaviour and actions. The children had to think of ways to help the children in their stories with problems.  They’ve practised some mindfulness- looked at breathing techniques and did some class yoga.

Year 2 have linked up with a local residential home for the elderly and have visited them each term. When we visit, we take activities so we can interact and socialise with the residents. We enjoy it so much and our new friends look forward to us visiting. They are coming to our school in the Summer term to do some PE with us. These trips help our children to interact with others and be more aware of how people's needs change as they grow older. Maud is the manager at 'West Winds' and our class recognise how important and 'special' Maud is for looking after and protecting the residents in her home.
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