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RE at St Joseph’s

St Joseph’s is renowned by many visitors as being a bright, warm and welcoming school. We take great pride in putting as much effort into everything we do. ‘We can make a difference’ is our school motto and the children are encouraged to do so in every aspect of school life, whether it is curriculum based, out of school experiences, lunchtimes or playtimes.

Our school entrance offers a tranquil environment with St Joseph as our key focal point. As a school this is important that visitors to our setting understand and respect our beliefs. Each class has a designated worship area that both staff and the children have contributed to. We are extremely proud of our worship areas and believe they offer a place for quiet reflection both individually for staff and pupils and as a class. Our moments of prayer and worship are reflected in the school daily timetable, however the children know that they are allowed to take a moment for their own prayer and intentions when needed.

Once a week, child led worship is the focus across the school, where the children set up a unique display that reflects the theme of worship. The children choose their own bible reading, hymn, prayer and resources for worship to take place. Sitting in a circle near or around the worship area, the children appreciate this special time together and enjoy sharing their own prayers with everyone else.

Also on a weekly basis, the class teacher leads an act of worship with the whole class. This often links to and reflects the children’s learning in RE. We find that as a school this works well and offers the children consolidation of their learning as well as an opportunity to ask further questions and reflect.

Assemblies happen as part of school life, led by the Head teacher who is also RE Subject leader or the Senior leader. Around our school, including the school hall, we have several wall displays promoting our beliefs as one family believing in one God.

Morning, lunchtime and home time offer further opportunities for child-friendly whole school/ class prayers which reinforce our beliefs.

We pride ourselves on ‘making a difference’, regularly doing this through the voice of prayer.