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The Ruthless Romans

The children have been designing their own Roman shields. They are going to paint them once they have finished their plans.

We have been looking at timelines to help us understand when the Roman era was. 

Class 2 went on a school trip for our hook day. In the first week of the Autumn term we went to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. At the Roman Army Museum the children were taught some Latin and Roman numerals by a holographic teacher. They also watched a 3D film called 'The Eagle's Eye' which showed them what it was like along Hadrian's Wall in the time of the Roman era. At Vindolanda the children had a talk from an archaeologist, Lauren. She told us all about Vindolanda (while we were sitting in a room that used to be a butchers!) and allowed us to look at some of the things they had found. We walked around the Roman fort and the town outside of it to see what the different buildings were. We were able to see a current excavation and spoke to the archaeologists to find out what they were looking for. There was some towers that gave you a brilliant view over Vindolanda, unfortunately, there was only Miss Smith and Mrs Jackson tall enough to see over!