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Trip to the Fire station 

We all had a great time on our visit to the fire station! we saw lots of fascinating things and we all loved having a turn of putting the sirens on!

Class trip to the Vet

Yesterday we had lots of fun on our trip to the Vet. We were all very excited. We saw some different animals including some dogs, a goat and a lion! We were all relieved to see the lion was just a cuddly toy! We got to see where the animals sleep after they have had an operation and we also got to see some X-rays of real animals, including a cat and a bird. We saw dogs having their hair trimmed too! 

What a great afternoon we all had!

This Term our Topic is Amazing Animals!
On Friday before half term, our caterpillars had fully formed into butterflies and we let them go into their natural habitat. We were sad to say bye to them but enjoyed watching them fly off!

Please click here to watch Reception & Class 1 perform their play, "Welcome to Africa!"

Hook Day - Trip to Walby Farm Park 
On Tuesday, we enjoyed our trip to Walby Farm Park for our Hook Day. We got to meet lots of different animals and hear lots of facts about them. Our favourite parts of the trip were feeding the lambs, stroking the pigs and playing in the soft play area after lunchtime. We all had so much fun that some of us had to have a nap on the bus home! 
For more photos of Reception and Class 1, please click here.
Science Week! 

Our first experiment was to make gooey slime and talk about how it feels, smells and looks!

Our second experiment was to find out what objects float and sink in water!

Our next experiment was to find out what fruits are sweet and what fruits are sour!

Our last experiment was to find out what materials are waterproof!

Castles and Dragons 


Our topic for Spring term is Castles and Dragons. Every week, The Dragon will visit our class and leave us a Fairy tale to explore and learn about that week. The Dragon will leave us clues and we will have to guess what the Fairy tale of the week is! 

We have our very own role play castle this term too. 

A real Bearded Dragon! 
This week in class we saw a real Bearded Dragon. We got to watch it eat some kale and touch it. It's skin was very rough. 

Goldilocks and The Three Bears 

Last week, the Dragon came to visit our classroom and left us some clues for our next Fairy tale. 

All About Me

Our topic this term is All About Me. We will be learning all about our routines, our families, our environments, as well as how to keep healthy and the 5 senses! 

Hook Day 

We had lots of fun on our Hook Day!

We made our very own Biscuit Bears, learning how to weigh ingredients, stay safe when baking and take turns! We also had a Teddy Bears picnic, along with Class 1, where we went to the park with our Teddy Bears and then enjoyed our Biscuit Bears along with some healthy fruit and vegetables that Class 1 prepared!