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Day 2, and to start the day off we tried some climbing!

We then learned some new archery skills. Some of us even managed to hit the target on several occasions!

Before it was time for lunch, we played a new game - 'Aeroball'!

Up next was the 'Leap of Faith'! We all overcame lots of fears and really challenged ourselves! Some even made it to the very top!

After 'Leap of Faith' we got changed into our muddy clothes and went to 'Nightline'. In this activity, we had to complete an obstacle course blindfolded! We used communication and teamwork skills to help each other through it!

After we got changed out of our muddy clothes from 'Nightline', we went to our next activity, 'Jacob's Ladder'. We had to use team work and communication skills to help each other climb the ladder!

After that, we went and ate a delicious dinner and got changed for the disco. After the disco we enjoyed some lovely warm hot chocolate for supper!