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Turning milk into a solid

Turning a liquid into a solid

In Miss Stafford’s classroom the experiment was to turn milk (liquid) into a solid. We discussed if we thought this could be done and made predictions. We had mixed predictions throughout the school. Some children were able to tell me that you can turn water into ice by freezing it but were puzzled when they were told we would be heating the milk up rather than freezing it.

We conducted the experiment together in a group and discussed the method afterwards. With Class 4 we talked about what we could change if we wanted to carry out the experiment again. We moulded the solid into a ball and then looked back a few days later to see the results. We were amazed that it worked. Kaleb was able to tell me it was a ‘chemical reaction’. It was identified that the vinegar caused the chemical reaction which formed the solid balls.

Vocabulary we have used and learnt the meaning of are solid, liquid, prediction, conclusion and method.


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