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Visions (Mission Statement)

Our Vision


In the faithful care of St Joseph, Jesus prospered. Our vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where children aim high and achieve to their full potential.



Our Mission


St Joseph’s is a Catholic primary school where everybody is welcomed.


  • promote the partnership of home, school, church and community; 
  • pray together, grow in faith and live the Gospel values; 
  • respect and care for everyone and everything around us; 
  • value each child as an individual;
  • encourage our pupils to develop active and creative minds;
  • promote self esteem and confidence;
  • set high standards of learning;
  • celebrate the achievements of each and every child.


Children’s Mission Statement

In our school: 

  • we will try to do our best; 
  • we will care for each other; 
  • we will pray for each other; 
  • we will welcome and respect everyone; 
  • we will try to help others.