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Our mission is to enable children to immerse themselves fully into the English Curriculum. In 2019 we implemented a new approach to teaching literacy called Talk for Writing, This is used from Reception to Year 6.Talk for Writing was created by the author Pie Corbett, it enables children to imitate the key language they need orally before they try reading, recording and analysing it.It is a fun, creative yet rigorous approach to learning and the children are thoroughly enjoying their journey. 


Talk for writing has 3 key phases which work together to create knowledge, confidence and independence in writing. 



During this phase the children create actions to accompany a story map model, the children learn the model by heart using pictures and actions. The key to success for the children is that the internalise the text through repetition and rehearsal. They also look closely at the language and text features used. 




During this phase the children and the teacher begin to make changes to the model. They explore the text using different characters and settings whilst sticking closely to the structure of the text. This gives children the tools they need when writing their own stories. It is also during this phase children are able to identify their targets and next steps for their writing. 




During this phase children plan and write their own piece of writing based on the text type they have been learning. They experiment with ideas and begin to explore their own style of writing.